Coming alongside families to raise up a generation of well-educated  warriors for Christ

To Register for the 2017-18 School Year
To mail registration:

1 Read the Statement of Faith and General Rules

2. Print, read and fill out parent forms in black or blue ink. A link to these forms can be
found on the left hand side of this page.

3. New parents and students older than 4th grade must write out a short personal
testimony of Christian faith. Testimonies must be submitted within in a week of
registration or classes will be dropped.

4. All  former students who are incoming sophomores or fifth grade must write out a
short testimony of Christian faith. These must be completed within one week of
registration or  classes will be dropped.

5. Mail forms, testimonies, and  a check (nonrefundable) made out to PTC for $60/family
prior to May 19th after May 19th mail $80/family to Stephanie Thornell, 6856 Rosecrest
Drive SE, Caledonia, MI 49316

6. Four parent volunteer times are required during the year. You may sign up for these
on Thursday's prior to May 19th or on the first day of classes in September. If you are
not able to fulfill these you may pay a $20/volunteer time to be excused.

7.You will be emailed to confirm your classes. You will also get an
email from the teacher by the end of July.

8. Any classes not dropped by August first must be paid in full regardless of the
student's attendance.

9. Most 90 minute classes cost $300 plus any fees applicable, the two hour classes are
$340 plus fees.

You may email the teachers at any time for more information on classes.

HSLDA Notice
Please Note: The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has suggested that
no more that three (3) core classes be taken outside the home.    

Drop Policy
Classes dropped after August first will need to be paid in full. Your child may be
dropped if
he or she is absent for 3 consecutive classes without notice to the teacher.  Families
do have to pay for the whole year regardless if their student comes or not, unless they
have made individual arrangements with the tutor.

Each tutor will give percentages for each assignment and most will average for the
year, but the parents give the letter grades since they are responsible for their child's
education.  Homework is mandatory if it is given.

PTC Graduation Requirements

PTC offers a graduation ceremony for students who have
completed their high school requirements.

1. Must have been home schooled for at least one year and a student
at the PTC currently or in the past.

3. Must submit a transcript of classes and grades for the high school
grades. Graduates should have completed the basic requirements for
college entrance and completed 20 credits.
 Basic requirements for
most colleges are
: 4 years of English, 3 years of science, 3 years of
social studies including government, 3 years of math, 1 year of physical
education, 1 year of computer and 1 year of either applied, performing or visual art.

Michigan Merit requirements
are 18 credits, including: 4 yrs English, 3 yrs science, 4
yrs math 1 yr physical education with health, online experience, 3 yrs social studies to
include government, 1 yr performing arts.

4. Must complete the graduation paperwork available online and give to
Kim Malski by the November meeting.

5. Parent and student must attend graduation meetings and rehearsal.

6. The cost of graduation will be covered by the graduates’ families.

7. Must register for graduation by February meeting.

Please download, review, and complete packet listed below.

Graduation packet (Word Document)

*Adobe PDF Reader may be downloaded from
Important dates for 2016-17

August 1 -                   first payment due to
teachers/last day to drop class

September 1         second payment due
September 8        first day of classes
September 29        Jeans and pizza
September 29        Student Council campaign

October 1               third payment due
October 6               roller skating party
October 20             Picture day teacher/
evaluations go out
October 27             jeans and pizza

November 1           fourth payment due
November 17         jeans and pizza day/graduation
November 24         no classes

December 1           picture retakes
December 8           Christmas craft day
December 15         jeans and pizza day
December 22         no classes
December 29         no classes

January 5                  classes resume
January 19                Speech presentations
January 26                second semester
January 26                jeans and pizza day/snowman

February 1                fifth payment due
February 9              craft day/ nursing home visit
February 16              roller skating
February 23              jeans and pizza
day/graduation meeting

March 1                 final payment due
Home School Olympics – every lunch period
March 23               Talent Show/drama presentation
March 30              jeans and pizza day

April 13                  open house
April 20                 registration
April 21                  Spring Fling
April 27                  jeans and pizza day

May 11                    graduation  rehearsal
May 18                   last day of class/ celebration   
May 19                   graduation